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5/3/2013 -  With the population of Windows 8 machines and Chrome Books, as well as mobile devices, the available software choices for Anti-Virus, Productivity and Platform Enhancement are changing.  Come some one of our professionals today to help make the right configuration choices for your devices.  

10/26/12 - Windows 8 was released today! For those of you who aren't excited to jump on the bandwagon and buy Windows 8, but want a new PC that only comes with Windows 8, we can install Windows 7 on those machines.

11/2/12 - We now have a limited selection of Smart Phones and iPods in our used equipment, so come in and get them today before they are gone!

11/2/12 - We just got in a really nice 20" HP Touchsmart AIO computer with Windows 7, 4 Gigabytes of memory, and 500 Gigabyte hard drive. At $489.00, this is going to walk out of the door soon, some come in and get it today!


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We have pleny of desktop power supplies, laptop power adapters and Battery backups in stock.  Come in today and get your computer back up and running.







Minty Fresh & Virus Free!

A "Minty Fresh" competitor moves its way to the top of the Linux Distributions.  Meet Linux Mint!  It's newly revised and simpler to use than Windows. Most importantly, it is virus and malware free because most viruses are written for Windows users.  We sell several pre-owned and refurbished machines with Mint.  We can also set up your computer to primarily run off of it or to "Dual Boot" (choice at start up to go into Mint or Windows).  So come in today and talk to one of our knowledgeable techs to see if Mint is right for you.

For more information about Mint, and to get a virtual walkthrough of the platform visit

Protect your home and business!

Generation D sells and installs CCTV surveillance systems starting from the most advance to the most basic depending on your needs. Come talk with one of our techs today!

Our CCTC (Closed circuit TV) products are all computer based, so we can provide hours of recording and create several different options such as; remote viewing, multi camera views, custom recording options, and much more.

We offer a wide range of camera ranging in size whether or not you want people to notice your cameras. We also offer infrared night vision, pan/tilt cameras, and HD cameras.

Take a look in our products section!

Cracked Screen?

We can fix Screens on iPods, iPhones, iPads, and many other smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal devices. Give us a call today for a market rate estimate. In most cases repairs are less than you think

Seen this logo?

This logo is on most electronic items these days and it means that this item should NOT be thrown in the trash and, in most places, dumping items with this logo is against the law.

We recycles your electronics for free! Come drop 'em by today or arrange for free pickup of your old computer or laptop.

Worried about your data? We can completely wipe your old hard drive for only $20.00.